After BFD3 authorization

After BFD3 is authorized, The Content Locations panel appears and the Core Library data is scanned.

When this scan is complete, the Setup Wizard is shown - once this has been closed, BFD3 is ready to use with the Core Library data.

Setup wizard

The Setup wizard is displayed when you first launch BFD3. It sets up a few preferences, the most important of which is the Profile, which sets up BFD3's engine preferences in a way that is best suited to the amount of RAM you have in your machine. Use the drop-down menu to specify the amount of RAM in your machine from the available choices.

If you're not sure what to specify for the Main host application and MIDI controller settings, these can be changed at any time later. The former adjusts the Octave numbering scheme setting in the BFD3 Preferences (Tools menu/Show Preferences), while the latter specifies the current Key Map - this can be achieved using the Load Key Map function in the File menu. The Setup Wizard can be relaunched using the Help menu.


Setting up additional expansion packs

If you have BFD2 data or any expansion packs installed which you want to use within BFD3, they must be added to the BFD3 Content Locations panel - use the Set up content locations function in BFD3's Tools menu to display this panel.

To proceed, search for valid content locations using the Search Drives... or Search Folder... buttons. Alternatively, you can drag a folder from an OS file window onto the Content Locations panel to initiate a search.

Any folders which contain expansion packs usable within BFD3 are shown in the list of content locations along with the BFD3 Core Library location. If its Activate box is checked, it is ready to use after clicking the Close button to exit the Content Locations panel.

Authorizing additional expansion packs

If you are upgrading to BFD3 with BFD2 on the same system and your expansion packs are already authorized for use within BFD2, they do not need to be re-authorized for use in BFD3.

If they have not yet been authorized, they must be authorized in License Manager at this point. Once it has been encountered during a BFD3 content scan, each expansion pack is inserted as a separate product into FX License Manager.

Therefore, after scanning, launch License Manager if it is not already running and authorize the expansion packs in the same way as you authorized BFD3.