Starting the authorization process



Bloom is an effect plugin - it must be launched within a host/DAW in order to be used.

After installation, launch a suitable host. Some hosts will launch new plugins found when scanning your plugin folders, so License Manager may be launched during this process. If it is not, launch the Bloom plugin after the host has finished booting - you can choose to run License Manager to authorize Bloom or to use it in Demo mode.

Note that it does not matter which format of the plugin (VST/AU/RTAS) you launch to authorize Bloom - authorizing it once results in authorization for all plugins in all formats on your system.


Introduction to License Manager

The License Manager application is used to manage licenses and authorizations for Bloom and other FXpansion software products.

The computer on which you want to use the product does NOT need to be on the internet.

To use our products, you need to authorize them to be run on your computer. You can authorize your products in 3 ways:

With License Manager and an internet connection on the same computer

With License Manager and an internet connection on a different computer

Using a web browser and a generated Authorization Request file, on the same or a different computer

Note: Authorization files generated from an Authorization Request file are unique to a single computer. An Authorization file is only valid on the computer that created the Authorization Request file.

Enter your serial number


When License Manager runs, it may first prompt you for your product serial number. If it does so, type in your serial number, hit ENTER and then click the OK button.

Each time License Manager runs, it performs a quick scan of installed FXpansion products to check their license status. This can take a few moments so please be patient.


Running License Manager manually

When Bloom is launched and detects it has not yet been authorized, it automatically runs or prompts you to run License Manager. This process is necessary to register Bloom within License Manager's database.

You can subsequently run License Manager manually at any time from the following locations:

Mac OS X:        Applications/FX License Manager

Windows:        Start • Programs • FXpansion • License Manager

  or:        C:\Program Files\FXpansion\LicenseManager