This method should only be used if the machine on which you need to authorize your software does not have an internet connection.

1. To authorize via another computer, choose Via another computer as the authorization method.


2. License Manager creates an Authorization Request file on your desktop – for example, "Bloom.AuthRequest".


3. You need to take this file to an internet-connected computer (via local network, floppy disk, thumb drive, CDR, Zip disk etc.). A small USB thumb drive can be purchased for around $10 or less at any electronics retailer and is ideal for this.


4. Once you are in front of an internet-connected computer, you have two options for generating the Authorization file:

i. Using License Manager

Download License Manager from:


06 - Auth different

Install License Manager on your internet-connected computer, run it and choose Authorize a different computer.

You are prompted to select the Authorization Request file – choose the file on your thumb drive (or floppy, etc.), and then follow steps 2-5 on page 10.

When the process completes, an Authorization file (ending in ".Auth") is generated on your desktop. You now need to copy this file to your USB drive (or floppy, etc.), and take it back to the machine on which you installed Bloom.

ii. Using a web browser

Using a web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.), open the following page:


Follow steps 3 and 4 in the previous section (on pages 11 and 12).

When the process completes, download the Authorization file (ending in ".Auth") from our web server directly to your USB drive (or floppy, etc.) and take it back to your non-internet-connected machine.


5. Whichever method you used above, you now need to import the generated Authorization file back into License Manager in order to complete the authorization process.

07 - Import Button

On the main screen of License Manager, click the Import an existing authorization button, and point it at the file ending in ".Auth" on your USB drive (or floppy, etc.)

License Manager imports the authorization file, and your software is ready to use.