An envelope follower produces a modulation signal by reacting to the amplitude of an audio input signal.

The Envelope Follower module's Visualizer represents the real-time output of the module.


This control sets the Attack time of the envelope generated in response to a new detected transient.


env follow

This control sets the Decay time of the generated envelope.


The Level control allows you to attenuate the level of the signal entering the envelope follower transient detection circuit. At 100%, no attenuation is applied on the signal.


The Gain control offers a final attenuation control for the output of the module before it enters the TransMod modulation system. At 100%, no attenuation is applied to the output modulation signal.

This control is intended to be modulated by other TransMod sources, in a similar way to using a VCA to scale one modulation source with another in an analogue modular system.