DCAM Synth Squad Preset Packs

Third party DCAM Synth Squad presets

  • Xenos Soundworks - XS Signature: Dance 45 dance bass, lead, chord stab and pad sounds for Strobe and Amber with 35 additional Fusor versions. [More]
  • SoundsDivine - Strobe: New Retro 128 startling and expressive presets for Strobe including rhythmic pads, arpeggiated synths, sequenced basses and textures. [More]
  • SoundsDivine - Strobe: Vintage Electronic A fresh take on the 70s & 80s: keyboard sounds, poly unison pads, squelchy basses, dub sequences, trance arps and more. [More]
  • Plughugger - Sawtooth Fanatics 300+ bass, lead and pad sounds exploring saw waves in Strobe, Cypher and Amber with many Fusor versions including effects. [More]