General Information

What is Cypher2 Expander: Cinematic Impact?

A unique and entirely synthesised sound palette for Cypher2 that evokes drama in deep space through huge percussion and mysterious instrumentation

This pack includes 42 presets:
- 21 x 5D and 21 x standard unique presets

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How do I install these presets?

Simply drag and drop the downloaded .ZIP file or extracted folder onto the Cypher2 browser, and the presets will be installed.

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Can these presets be used with any other software?

This content is only compatible with Cypher2 v2.5.1.2 and above.

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What is the license transfer policy for this product?

Normally we allow license transfers with an accompanying fee, but the price point for this expander is extremely low, and license transfers would not make sense.

Therefore, sales are final on this product - you are paying for access and use of the content for your productions only.

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