General Information

What is Geist Expander: Cinematic Percussion?

Cinematic Percussion is a Geist Expander which provides samples and loops alongside presets and kits for use with FXpansion's Geist sampling beatbox software. It includes a variety of brilliantly played and recorded percussion sounds.

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Please explain the use of the variations and alternative loop slices?

Variations of sounds are presented in several ways in Cinematic Percussion:

  • Many instruments and sliced loops are presented with variations labelled A, B, C etc. These are designed to be stacked with panning for an overdubbed 'double-tracked' sound or simply to vary your sequences for more convincing results. Instruments are supplied as single and multi presets - use Geist's Pad Lock features to compile custom banks of sounds by loading different single instruments.
  • Many single percussion instruments supplied as loops feature 'Soft' and 'Accented' hits on different pads.
  • Most instruments are provided with 'Close' and 'Amb' (ambient) mic'd versions. The Close sets are dry and ready to apply any reverb of your choice, while the Amb versions provide lush natural reverb recorded in a lush wood-panelled room.

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What kinds of microphones and other equipment were used to record this pack?
  • Apogee AD16X and Avid 192 A/D conversion
  • AKG 414, Neumann U87 and KM184 microphones
  • Avalon 737 and UA 6176 preamps

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Can the sounds be used in other software or hardware samplers?

Yes - individual samples can be used in any device that can load and play back 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV/AIFF/RX2 files. Note that the kit files and other presets cannot be loaded in any other software/hardware, but the samples referenced by them can be loaded.

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What is the license transfer policy for this product?

Normally we allow license transfers with an accompanying fee, but the price point for this sample-pack is extremely low, and license transfers would not make sense.

Therefore, sales are final on this product - you are paying for access and use of the content for your productions only.

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