We issue only a certain number of authorizations per serial number, and a serial number can only belong to one user. We appreciate these restrictions can be inconvenient in some circumstances - however, preventing abuse of the license helps keep prices down, and facilitates continued development, free updates and responsive technical support.

The following problems may arise:

• Your serial number is registered to a different account.

Your serial number belongs to you - it identifies you as the legitimate owner of the software. As such, only one person can be the owner of a given serial number, and only that user account can generate authorizations based on that serial number. Occasionally, users end up with more than one account, with some serials registered in one and some in another. If this applies to you, contact our support team to resolve the situation.

• Too many authorizations have been issued for a serial number.

If you've run out of authorizations (perhaps if you've installed the software on several different computers, or if you reinstall or upgrade your computer hardware frequently), you will need to contact our technical support team, explaining your situation.

If you encounter any other problems during the installation or authorization, first consult the DCAM FreeComp FAQ. If your problem still cannot be resolved, contact our technical support team: