Once you have authorized DCAM FreeComp, you are ready to use it as a plugin within a compatible host. See the Using DCAM FreeComp section for details of the DCAM FreeComp plugin's parameters.

Video introductions

Check our Youtube channel for videos about DCAM FreeComp.


Software updates

We highly recommend that you check our site for updates as soon as possible. DCAM FreeComp is constantly under development in order to increase its performance.

If you encounter a problem with the software, it is very likely that the issue will be fixed by simply updating to the latest version available on our website.

Technical support

If you encounter any unresolvable problems when using DCAM FreeComp, please follow these steps:

1. Fully read the operation manual PDF.

2. Consult the DCAM FreeComp FAQ, which is frequently updated with current issues. You can access this from the DCAM FreeComp Help menu (see above).

3. If you cannot resolve your problem with the information provided in the FAQ, please contact our technical support team, who will endeavour to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Please note that you must register your copy of DCAM FreeComp before you can receive support, whether through our support ticket system, or via the forum.

It is highly recommended to use the ticket system for most technical issues, as it prompts you for the information we need in order to process your support request as efficiently as possible.

If you do not provide adequate information, your query will take much longer to resolve!