Maul features extensive MIDI control features for interacting with its parameters in real time.

MIDI control with Maul is host-dependent. Some hosts make it very easy to route MIDI notes and/or continuous controllers to an effect plugin, but in some it may be necessary to run Maul as an instrument or MIDI-controlled effect on a separate channel and route the desired audio to its input(s).

Please consult your host's documentation for full details of its MIDI implementation for audio effect plugins.

Maul features 2 kinds of MIDI control:

MIDI CC input

Maul allows the ability to assign MIDI CC (continuous controller) messages to the following:

its parameters

parameter modulation amounts from individual TransMod modulation sources.

See the MIDI Learn section for full details on Maul's MIDI mapping functions.

MIDI note input

Maul responds to MIDI note input for retriggering and setting LFO rates as well as for generating several TransMod modulation sources. See the Advanced MIDI section for more details.