tm sources


Internal modulators


These sources provide the output from LFO1 and LFO2.

Env Follower

The Env Follower source provides the output from the Envelope Follower module.


The S&H source provides the output from the Sample & Hold module.



The Noise source provides a white noise source, quantized to control rate. It provides an continually changing random source.


Internal sequencers


These sources provide the output from Bloom's 3 built-in step-sequencers.


MIDI-generated sources

Because the following sources are generated from incoming MIDI note-on messages, it is only possible to generate the following sources when sending MIDI notes to Bloom.


The Velocity source provides a source generated at every MIDI note-on derived from the note's MIDI velocity.


The Pitch source provides a keyboard tracking modulation source generated from MIDI notes received on channels 2-16 of Bloom's MIDI input.

An interesting use for this source would be to route some MIDI notes to a synth and into Bloom, using the Pitch TransMod source to modulate the Delay time parameter. This results in changing the Delay time depending on pitch of each MIDI note received.


The Rand source provides a random value generator that changes value every MIDI note is received at Bloom's MIDI input on any MIDI channel.

Try the same example as described above for the Pitch source, using the Rand source instead - a random Delay time is produced for each note.