Welcome to FXpansion DCAM Dynamics, a powerful set of compression plugins. After the installation, 4 new plugins are added to your system:


DCAM BusComp

DCAM BusComp is based on a classic bus compressor design from the centre section of a well-known British large-format mixing console. It is usually intended to be inserted on subgroups like drum mixes or the entire master output to add ‘glue’ and power to a mix of tracks. However, it also works very well as a channel compressor in its own right, offering a different type of compression to that offered by the ChanComp.


DCAM ChanComp

DCAM ChanComp is based on a classic limiting amplifier design commonly used as a channel compressor. It features very fast attack response and is usually intended to be applied to individual tracks.


DCAM CrossComp

Frequency selective compression and shaping

DCAM CrossComp provides a simple but effective set of additions to a bus compressor core that allow you to quickly dial in frequency-dependent compression without the complicated overhead of a full multi-band device.


DCAM EnvShaper

DCAM EnvShaper takes a different approach to dynamics processing than a standard compressor. It allows you to adjust the attack and sustain portions of transients in order to change the dynamic shape of a signal.


Common features in DCAM Dynamics

The DCAM Dynamics plugins contain some common menus and preset controls: these are described at the start of chapter 2.

All plugins also feature a built-in MIDI Learn system for mapping MIDI continuous controllers (MIDI CCs) to the plugins' controls.